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We have over 27 years experience  and our service cannot be bettered regardless of price. We are The Executive Club of St James's the ONLY UK professional introduction agency with full money back guarantees see for full details. ABIA Member.



Note:  We NEVER usually contact our members once they have paired into a relationship without good reason or ask for testimonials. However we contacted this client as she had recommended a high quality friend to join so we contacted her to send a Thank you that she could drink, if you can pop the corks off!  This was her reply:

I just wanted to let you know that I was quite surprised to hear from The Club - it brought back a lot of happy memories. My husband, David, and I just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago, having met through the Club. I took the opportunity to look at the website again after having talked to you, and it was lovely to see how much better developed it now is, and I particularly like the bit on "love stories". My husband and I often have said how surprised we were not to have been asked for any feedback. after we got married.

I realise that this is not what you asked me to e-mail you about - but I thought I would like to express a couple of thoughts after having just re-looked at the website. When I joined the Club in 2002, I had looked into various agencies, and there was no high quality agency locally to where I live, and a London agency that a friend of mine had recommended did not accept anyone who did not live in London. When I did contact and join The Club, I was given a grim picture in terms of potential success - I was 36, I live in Birmingham not London, I am not white (Iranian), I was told my salary was too high for most men, I was too tall, and I wasn't size 10! In the first few months I was quite disappointed, as I did not have any dates - and I was starting to feel quite down. But just as I considered leaving and to forget it all, my advisor asked me to hold on a little longer - and I am not quite sure what she did, but suddenly most of the guys I said I would be interested in meeting agreed to meet me. I think in retrospect she had slightly spun the truth, as most of them were a bit surprised when they met me and found out I didn't live in London. It was the biggest morale boost I could have had though, and every one (apart from one) of the guys I met was lovely and wanted to see me again. However, one of them - David - stood out, and he was the one I started to see more regularly, and eventually we obviously got married. Just to dispell some of the myths on your site - David is younger and shorter and less "educated" than me - So the stereotypes aren't always true. We are still in love, and couldn't be happier!  We also have a lovely 5-year old son, who has transformed our lives.

Thanks very much for the kind reply. I do appreciate the confidentiality policy, which makes complete sense. Nevertheless, David and I were delighted with our experience, and I have no objection to the piece I sent you being adapted and used on the testimonials. One other thing I would perhaps add, is that one reason I recommend the Club to my friends, is the efficiency of it. I think the time saved is worth every penny. A friend of mine who first encouraged me to try an introduction service, warned me that the internet based service that she used, meant that she had to search through several hundred profiles before she would find even 1 that she would consider contacting. My experience with the Club was that each time I was sent a list of profiles, there were at least 3 that I was interested in meeting – which was a much better use of my time.

We explained to Penny, once you start to date a member we never contact you to maintain  your confidentialty (of course we would love to - but we don't). Penny had recommended many members to us so we contacted her to give her a reward as a big thank you. With regards to a "hard time" that is true, we pride ourselves on projecting a realistic picture of what is achievable as we will not sell dreams then provide a nightmare service. We could not be happier that Penny has defied the odds and ended up very happy! but had we not believed  she could, we would not have offerred her membership in the first place .

Gail an attractive  city Lawer aged 34,  attended a 3 hour flirt training session ,(  a 1 to 1,  2 hour flirt training session at just £30  to Gold Members and above or at  £195 to any member of the public) as she was a little distant and cold.
On her way home she put her newly acquired skills to the test.  She boarded a reasonably empty underground train, and walked up the carriage and sat opposite a man reading a book.  When he occasionally looked up from his book as their eyes glanced she gave just a little smile each time.  When she got off the underground the man also got off at the same stop, as he walked down the platform he occasionally looked over his shoulder and each time Gail gave a little smile.  At the top of the escalator he turned to go one way and Gail turned to go another, again he looked back over his shoulder and Gail gave him just a little wave with one hand ( just fingers no hand or arm movement) and that did it.  He stopped came back and asked her for her telephone number and gave her his.   The next day, he text her to say, he had taken a day of work to see a film and was she free, she sent back a text that implied she was busy when she was not hence why he may of thought she was putting him off. We will work on the next bit with her but to pull that date is a massive leap forward.  I put her text messages to me below.
Hi Alun
Flirted with guy on the underground on the way home, guess what he asked me for a date! Just had to tell you. Txt

Haven't heard from Simon (my tube man) since Thurs so I am not sure whether I will get to do a date - a bit disappointing if this is the case but the point is I have improved thanks to you! Also it helps that I know that you (and Mrs Jenkins!) are rooting for me - it means so much, you just wouldn't know. I am really grateful of your support.
PS As I promised I will update you as above - extraordinarily, I bumped into Simon the guy I met in the tube last Saturday. He apologised for not keeping in touch. He has gotten his mobile and blackberry nicked, and said he was hoping he would bump into me given that we live streets apart. As he was the one that spotted me, I am inclined to believe him. I am not particularly sure whether I want to take it much further with him, given that he is in his 20s (well, 29) and I think there is a gap in terms of how intellectual we are. But I'm going to try and keep an open mind and see how it goes. At the very worst I will have a nice evening, if he asks me out!   email

(She pulled this date on the underground train on the way home from a flirt training session - and we are so proud of her)
I have been thinking of a testimonial you can place on your website - how about this?
I was 34 and single, I had no clue why, neither did my friends. Things had to change and I made a very courageous step of picking up the phone to Alun. He identified what change I had to make after careful interviewing and offered flirtation training that week. I couldn't believe what he was telling me at the training - he instructed me to make moves which I would never think of doing. But Alun exudes so much confidence I had to trust him. That evening I tried out (gingerly) my new found technique on the tube and picked up a nice date on my way home. I couldn't believe it, I've never picked up anyone on any transport before! The first person I wanted to talk to was Alun - it was late but I just had to thank him, as the effect he had made on me was so transformational! email.
We had a  a reasonably well known media personality with us for while (we'll call him Carl) . During a six month period with us Carl had met some really nice girls but not that "magic" one.  One day his personal advisor Kerry called him to tell him of a new lady she thought it would be nice for him to meet.  They dated and we did not hear from either of them again for 6 months ( we never call unless you want us to, for confidentiality reasons - oh how we would like to).
After six months "Julie"  called to talk to Kerry, she said that she had been seeing Carl for 6 months and that she really liked him, but just had to tell her this story.  They had gone away to Venice for the week-end and were sitting in St Marks Square having a coffee as you do, when he asked her how happy she was with the relationship, to which she replied "very very happy".  He then asked "out of 10 how happy was she?" and she said "10".  So she asked him "how happy out of 10 are you?" to which he replied “7”, she said “my heart sank to the ground”, so I asked him “why only 7”.  Then in the middle of St Mark's Square he dropped to one knee and said “because you are not my wife and I would like you to marry me”. 100% true.  So guys always make sure, when you propose make it the most  magic day for your woman,one she  will never forget.
In 2001 the BBC did a "fly on the wall" documentary about The Executive Club, It was six episodes of 40 minutes on Friday evening on BBC 1 - Alun did his the voice over commentary which made it a breakthrough in TV and some theatre training text books refer to it.  Most of the members shown on the programme were recruited by the BBC to make interesting TV.  A glamorous grandmother, jack the lad - a  chauvinistic successful businessman, a masculine international rugby player and a "sweet IT professional" the sort your mother would like you to marry - but not you.  Some of the members were actual members who  volunteered to be on TV. A really  nice millionaire who put his £2M yacht at my disposal so I could organise a long week end party in the Med filmed by TV.  One of the girls  being followed was a real member,   Avril, age  33  intelligent classy and very attractive ( they filmed a date with her and the sweet IT guy  - you could have cut the air with a knife, he was so far out of his depth - made good telly though). 
A little time after the programme  Avril dropped out of membership so I called her to ask why?  She explained that she had met a few decent guys but they appeared too busy and thought she was putting in all the effort so decided to drop out for a  rest. I assured her, the service would definitely work for her, it was just a numbers game, you will not meet 20 of our dates twice, and still be on your own.  Because she had done me a great  favour by going on TV I told her to come back without being charged the normal monthly fee, so she came back.
I will find and print the actual letters she sent to me, but for now they read as follows.
 1st letter about 3 months later.
Dear Alun,
Thank you for allowing me complimentary use of your service recently. You may have heard I have gone off the books as I am seeing "Michael Serby".  I dropped out of membership as I was becoming a little disillusioned with the men, as I seemed to be doing all the work.  I became so disillusioned I never bothered to meet the last date you set up for me, and that was in fact Michael Serby, so thank you for giving me a chance to meet him albeit 4 months later.  You always said it was a numbers game and you were right and you are welcome to quote me on this. Love Avril
We had a second letter announcing their engagement and a third announcing their marriage.
This is typical,l you meet 12 guys but nothing special and you begin to wonder if you’re wasting your time and energy, then date number 13, you marry and think we are the best invention since the wheel. It is the way it goes, all the members you meet on your dates, the service hasn’t yet worked for,  so they can, and do tell you what was  not right about the people they have met, then Eureka, they meet the partner of their dreams and they are gone, 1000's of them.     This  is where we get so many new members from, their recommendations.  So in Avrils case if she had stayed dating for one more day, just one more date, she had found her lifetime partner, had she not come back she would now be age 41 and maybe still single?
 For reasons of confidentiality all names have been changed – but you would expect that.
 We have had the privilege of having as a member, one of the most famous people in the world ( we would estimate at least 80% of the world would know this individual). One day I received a call asking “if the press asked if I was a member what would the answer be”. I said “even 20 years after your death "you were never a member, never heard of you”. You will now understand why we have such a tight confidentiality contract, to see it click
 We once had a guy that earned £1M a week. We will call him Mr X. When you earn that sort of money you exude a charisma and power over most  women that makes,  all but a rare few, physically attracted to you. This means the likes of Richard Branson, if he so chose, could bed most women he comes into contact with, MP's. film stars, businesswomen, married women, 20 year old secretaries and the like, (possibly not some female journalists I have met  though?).   When you have that much temptation around you, all the time, it is a lot harder to be truly faithful.  Mr X gave me a simple definition of the consequences of what true love  means to a man.  He said "Alun I would like you to find me  a woman so special, I wouldn't want to bed any other". I like that, it takes a very special relationship for that to happen, anything short of true love - no chance he'll do a "Tiger Woods".
One day a really nice sounding lady called about joining my agency. She was of Asian/Caribbean origin. I was having a dilemma,  in 1998 if someone was white skinned they got a great service, if they were black then up to 50% of people declined to meet, so the service was not so good. This seemed so unfair, and could easily lead me not to  recommend my service, which in a way would amplify racism.
Because of the lady's Asian origins I asked her to call back in a few days so I could think about the problem. That is when I devised our positive discrimination policy. Although it meant more work for us, I decided to discount our fees relative to the shortfall in service caused by differing skin colours. In those days, prejudice was a lot more prevalent than today,  so black had a 50% discount, brown 30% and Asian and Oriental a 20% discount. ( it is now 40%, 30% and 15% as the prejudice is far less especially so, in the younger  age groups).
When the client called back I told her of my “cunning plan” and she became my first discounted “African/Caribbean member".
She bought the membership as a “lifeboat” as she was in a mistress type of relationship with a married man, as many of you foolishly do. She  did not make much use of the service until one  day when “deceitful married man” went off on holiday with wife and kids leaving her feeling lonely. She decided  to attend one of our social events, a dinner dance at The Lanesborough Hotel in London. One of my staff was ill, so I hastily had to cover as a social host for the evening.  There I met this member, Sammy, we were bowled over with each other and within 9 months we were married and  now have two adorable children James age 8 and Cloe 4.   All the gold in Fort Knox, plus any job in the world, and being able to bed any woman on demand is of no value whatsoever compared to what I have. I own the world! 
Warmest Regards to you all,  and may you all find the happiness I am privileged to enjoy  myself - Alun

The names in this paragraph have not been changed! except my wife's surname is now changed -  to Jenkins

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